Безумно умиляет эта гифка.


читать дальше

Своеобразная месть. Жги, детка. :lol:


утащено отсюда


31.08.2013 в 16:05
Пишет Xomaaa:

Фанаты подарили Тайлеру Sterek book на встрече Wolfs Bane 2013

Tyler Hoechlin asked for this photo. We weren’t allowed to have our bags or cellphones, so I had to get up because he wanted us to tweet about it. HE LOVED IT GUYS! He kept flipping the book and looking at the pictures and kept saying “omg this is amazing”. Then he said he had to read it in private because it looked awesome. He asked for a copy to Dylan and when he went to shake everyone’s hands, he told qhuinn and I that he was totally giving the copy to Dylan.

I’m basically still freaking out, but I hope this made some sense. And enjoy the picture? We have a lot of good things to tell about the chat he had with us, but I’m just gonna say now that he showed us the prank video with Dylan and Posey. He told us about a Sterek scene that was cut, when Scott finishes talking on 3x02 after the fist scene, Stiles starts hitting Derek (like little slaps) and then he runs away, Derek tells Scott “I’ll be right back” and goes after him.

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